June 12, 2018

In the end


It can definitely be a struggle. With so many variables to contend with, so many people in the loop, so many things on the critical path (most of which you didn’t know about at the start) … it’s good to get there in the end.

Which is both the point and the thing.

The point – we don’t start these things just to fill in the time. There’s no benefit, actually, especially for you and most often for anyone else, on kicking the thing down the road indefinitely. Sure, some projects and people and things will fall by the wayside, but most times there’s a start and a finish and everything in the middle nudges things along – even if just a little bit, and even if it’s frustrating at the time.

The thing – the end will come. The nudge-frustration-nudge bricks … stack up.

Skippy strategy: Even when it’s frustrating, keep nudging anyway.