October 13, 2018

In the face

Deck Chairs

There’s never any problem punching important-urgent things in the face. 

Their magnitude puts them on the hook as soon as they show themselves. You go through the calculus, work out that this is the one thing that needs your attention amongst all the other things. The urgency cements that attention in place. 

Right. Now. 

Everything else … reprioritised. 


That’s how it’s supposed to work. 

What about when there is no important-urgent? When it’s a competition between non-urgent-important things and urgent-non-important? 

Urgent, right? Important? Hmmm.

Option one – most people’s answer – do the urgent things now, and live in hope you’ll get to the important things later.

Option two – the impractical answer – do the important things and get back to the urgent stuff if you have time.

Option three – the productive answer – make the important stuff urgent, and build capacity along the way.

In other words, both.

Skippy strategy: Important and urgent.