May 3, 2016

In the race


Everywhere you look there’s work to be done.

From HR to finance, product development to marketing, procurement, selling, warehousing, despatch, account management, partnering. There’s a few big swings and bucket loads of minutia. Conferences and meetings.

There’s a lot to do.

So much that’s it’s easy to live in the detail and forget the reasons they’re important: there’s a race going on. The best teams, the winning teams and the teams who what to compete all know where to keep their focus.

On one question: what am I doing today that makes the car quicker or the strategy better?

How does this meeting help our race? What investment will help our race? How do we need to do today so we can go faster tomorrow?

Everything that happens should have a clear connection to the organisation’s focus. Everything else … ?

Skippy strategy: Make the car quicker or the strategy better.