November 27, 2019

In the undergrowth


Any time you look back at a project it’s tempting or easy to put a rosy glow across the thing, or cast a dark shadow. It all went swimmingly or it was misery from one end to the other. We remember the highlights and lowlights and not so much of the colour in between.

Optimists and sugar fanatics will sell the whole thing as a positive. They’ll remember the good times and the right decisions, forgetting the tough calls, the blind alleys and miscommunications.

Corridor pessimists and water-cooler cynics live on the dark side. Their recall will be full of wasted resources and lost weeks, forgetting the ah-ha moments and this beautiful days when Tab A slotted oh so neatly into Slot B.

Your job – scraping beneath the lazy thinking and exposing the the brightness in the undergrowth.

Skippy strategy: Brush past the greenery, sweep away the litter.