March 8, 2018

Inevitable questions


There are some inevitable questions.

Any time money is part of the equation … how much, what’s your salary expectation, what if I take two, on what terms?

Any time you have to explain your self or your company to someone new (a friend at the pub, a VC in a pitch, a new contact at an old client) … what do you do, why should we work with you, what makes you special?

Whenever there’s an update … what progress have you made, how is it going, do you need help, what’s the next step, how long will it take?

And if the questions are inevitable, so should be the preparation.

Except … we give ourselves a break, we squirm away from mining for clarity, we trust to inspiration in the moment, we look for help from received knowledge … we flub … and hope it’ll be ok.

That won’t fly.

Skippy strategy: Prepare for the inevitable.