September 5, 2019

Into the detail


The devil is in the detail. Sure. It can be a pain. But the pain isn’t the detail itself, it’s in getting to the detail, agreeing the detail, understanding the detail, and living with that detail after the ink has dried.

So … because it’s a pain … because some one some where some time will try to eke advantage out of misunderstandings, and approximations, and assumptions, and we don’t need to go into that nows … because knowing where you stand is better than not being sure whether you’re even on the map … because everyone and everything works better when clarity reigns … get into the detail.

Get down and dirty with the detail. Raise you head so you can check progress towards the horizon, and then bury yourself in detail again.

Skippy strategy: Get so you’re on first name terms with the detail, and are happy to be there all the same.