January 22, 2023

Introducing the ketchup


If there is a way to turn whatever you’re talking about – unsure about, noodling over, struggling to communicate (to yourself or to them) – into a picture, you should do it.

Like a project plan that shows, rather than tells, how much progress we’ve actually made (and how much we haven’t and whether we’re on track).

Like the problem with the candle and the drawing pins.

Like the magnitude of global warming and how it’s changed over time.

Like the issue we’re having with procurement and the number of different kinds of gloves we’re buying.

Like the lumpiness of our cashflow and what that means on Tuesday, or next month, or in six.

Graphs help. Charts help. Drawings help. Moving the salt and pepper around on the table and introducing the ketchup bottle at just the right time helps.

Skippy strategy: Turn it into a picture to get a new perspective.