February 11, 2020

It gets legs


 There’s something about writing it down.

Maybe it’s the act itself, somehow as if getting it out of your head through a physical process makes your body more committed and more willing to deal with the reality of it rather than the fantasy that rolled around up there.

Maybe it’s the result of the action. Now it’s manifest, real, inspectable, solid. Now it can be discussed in plain sight. More than electric impulses. More than a notion or fancy. Now an actual thing.

Maybe it’s because, out there in the real world, it can be shared more easily. I, or we, said this. Now it’s out there … it gets legs. Other people will see it, ask about it, contribute to it, undermine it, scale it. Do things with it.

Maybe it’s all of these things. Maybe that why you’re resisting it?

Skippy strategy: There’s something about writing it down.