November 2, 2016

It happens


Things go wrong. Some of it’s your fault. Some of it is isn’t.

Accepting there may be some anger, when it happens, where do you focus?

– Sorting it out. When the chimney comes crashing through the roof, it doesn’t really matter how it happened or why it happened, the most important thing – the only thing until it’s resolved – is fixing the roof. No time for recriminations or howling at the moon, just action. It’s bad, let’s make it good?

– Learning from it. Now’s the time for the who and a how and a why. Not to find someone to hang it on, but to bottom out the cause. The systems, the data, the signs you may have missed, the feedback loops that might be broken. When you know the answers, when you’ve traced back to the roots … sort those out too.

Skippy strategy: Fix the issue, then fix the cause.