April 24, 2016

It never stops

Breaking ground

Project planning helps us think. It will be like this, so we’ll start, then there’s all the problem solving and doing things that’s the guts of the work, and then, when it’s done … there’s the finish. White space.

Except in the real world, away from project management theory, it never really stops.

For every project that creates a winning possibility, there’s likely two new ones: version 2.0, and helping it make its way in the world.

However good the work, there’s always a demand for more. Further, faster, higher. It’s a cycle.

And for every hour of development there may be three or four of marketing – whether to an internal audience who have no choice or to a market who have other things on their mind. Merchandising the message is the lions’ work that turns the academically interesting into impactful innovation.

Launch day is just the beginning.

Skippy strategy: Focus on delivery, plan for impact.