April 22, 2017

It takes time


Everything takes longer than you’d like.

To land new clients, build products, hire the team, change the structure, reset the culture, develop the strategy. False starts, blind alleys, delaaaaaays, obligations, limitations, lack of imaginations, tribulations.

Outsiders actively conspire to get in the way, insiders feel threatened when the world moves too fast, outsiders are passive, insiders aggressive, outsiders ignore you, insiders try to convince you’re on the wrong path, outsiders are locked-in to a set way of thinking, insiders are beholden to their own vested interests, outsiders, insiders, outsiders, insiders.

Why won’t they just do the smart thing? Why won’t they do what you want them to do?

Because everything takes time, and time takes longer than you’d like.

Whether it’s actions or words, relationships or received wisdom … change takes time.

If it’s worth it, it’s only a short marathon.

Skippy strategy: Be prepared for the long haul.