February 24, 2021

It will take longer


Everything takes longer, is more complex and more intricately connected than you think or than you like. At first look, when the idea pops, you think it’s easy – or as the lawyers are used to hearing, that’s it is, at worst, pretty straightforward. Except it’s not and it never is. The deeper you go, the more there is to discover.

With perseverance, with imagination, with the good will of your team, you’ll get there. It just takes time.

So, two things:

It will take longer than you imagine at the start.

With that in mind, prepare for a longer and more difficult haul.

In other words, don’t try to achieve too much in any one session, respect the complexity of gaining clarity and understand that it’s better to go slow (whilst bringing everyone along, together) than fast (but get nowhere quickly).

Skippy strategy: It will take longer, so prepare for the haul.