June 15, 2016

It’s a No

Stand Back

Skipping through work and life means a world of opportunity. Sometimes the opportunity is an invitation, and the invitation is tempting, and it’s so nice to be wanted, and you find yourself thinking … we could do this, go there, build that.

If it’s on point, just another step in the path you’re following … or if its crazy-far off track and looks like a mud-bath … no brainer. It’s a No.

But what if it’s just a little off the path … and … they seem so nice … and … we could help … right?

What if there is no obvious answer?

Like every other judgement call …

If your gut is uncertain, it’s a No.

If it looks like a rabbit warren, it’s a No.

(Is there a debate about the most project-focused word in the language? No.)

If you want to do it anyway, just because … it’s a Yes.

Skippy strategy: Any decision is better than a Maybe.