April 14, 2020

It’s binary


Every week starts with the promise of things that will happen, of getting things done, of making progress, of finishing in a better place that we started. And then the week happens on its own – full of distractions and crises and email and attention grabbing details and rabbit holes. The things we hadn’t finished last week, we barely get to this week either. The things we intended for this week remain good intentions.

Every week ends with regret for the things that happened to us, of the things we didn’t get done, the progress we didn’t make. Everything just the same as we started.

We need to finish things. What we say we will do, we do. We should push for completion – no pending. It’s binary, either it’s done or it’s not, either it’s finished or it’s not.

Skippy strategy: If it looks like its running off track, get it back.