September 15, 2020

It’s going brilliantly


It’s going brilliantly. It’s going brilliantly. It’s going brilliantly …and then it isn’t. Something went wrong between the y and the false stop that never came.

Let’s assume for the moment that you always knew it was a possibility, that you didn’t imagine that the line would continue indefinitely and that chaos couldn’t get involved. And because it was possible, you monitored and didn’t take you eye off the ball. And because it was monitored, that you had a contingency in place that included the people to play it out. And because the contingency was real and resourced, that the issue was dealt with as well as it could be dealt with. And that because it was dealt with, everything got back to going brilliantly as quickly as anyone could have expected.

Skippy strategy: Don’t expect the plates to spin on their own. Always pay attention, always have a plan.