January 12, 2021

It’s good to do


It’s good to talk. It’s good to get all the pieces on the table, in plain sight and just work through them, one by one, until everyone understands what they’re looking at, what it means and can have a reasoned and informed discussion on the merits. It’s good to dig in to the why and the what of the thing. It’s healthy to understand motivations, it’s imperative to see through agendas and vested interests and to expose how we got here and who, for better or worse, was involved in the path.

It’s good to talk. But we can’t let the talking get in the way of the doing.

So, it’s good to talk, but at some point – before the talking becomes repetitive or point-scorey or suffers from diminishing returns, it’s good to do.

Doing is the point of the talking.

Skippy strategy: Talk, but don’t let talking become the problem.