February 2, 2017

It’s practice


It has to be perfect. (Stifling)

It’s a one time deal. (Over thinking)

Bang on the money. (Ummm)

No kidding. (I’m not ready)

This time … whether it’s the first time ever or the first time since last time … is important. But however good or bad, next time will be better. It won’t be exactly the same situation or the very same deal, but it will be just as big a deal, and it too will have to be perfect. And you will do it better than last time.

Every launch, every landing – from NASA on down – is practice for next time. As good as can be today, and setting up something better tomorrow.

That’s the way it works.

So … get ready, don’t be stifled, the best you can be. Deep breath. Get it done.

Skippy strategy: It has to be perfect. But it can’t be. There’s always headroom. And that’s ok.