January 9, 2022

Juices the value


There’s a little routine at the end of the meeting.

This is what we left hanging for next time – a back burner of the things we raised but couldn’t cover this time. Double-checking the relative urgency in the room.

We decided this, and this, and this – this one spells out definitive decisions and often smokes out lack of clarity.

These are the actions – between now and this agreed date, these things will be done and these people will run point on each one. This is where you get commitment and how you weave accountability into the programme.

This is how we’ll communicate the outcomes to the rest of the team – this is your first crack at writing history; so those who need to know will know the what and why of the thing.

Skippy strategy: It’s that extra five minutes that juices the value from the rest of them.