November 22, 2018

Jump on


The email pings, the phone rings, the text, the WhatsApp, the Messenger, that person standing right in front of you. Everything bursting for attention, everything an interruption.

Some even deserve it. 

Those fires that need fighting … someone has to put them out, and sometimes that someone can only be you. Jump on to them.

The truly urgent … are. Jump on to them.

The most important … you know them when you see them. Jump on to them.

Everything else … don’t jump.

Add a hop and a step first.

– The hop: are they on your agenda? If yes, where and when do they fit?

– The step: Are they on someone else’s you need to help? If yes, where and when do they fit? 

Then delegate, delete (you are delegating and deleting?) and plan to do.

And when the time is right, jump on to them.

Skippy strategy: Work to your own agenda.