November 3, 2018

Just start


Some tasks are intimidating. They’re bigger, more complex, more connected, deeper than other tasks. Most can be split into smaller chunks and parcelled out and delegated. Most can be eaten one bite at a time.

Some though, need all of you. You know they’ll consume you for seven hours at a stretch. You know you’re the only one. And you know it won’t do itself.

The lesson you learned a looonng time ago: sit down, start somewhere and keep on going until you looped around the beginning the middle and the end. 

The intimidating thought: getting started.

The lesson you’ve been ignoring: start somewhere. 

Anywhere. The middle. The end. The bit right after the start which you know you’ll have to redo because you always do but at least it will get you started. The start. Anywhere. 

Just start.

Skippy strategy: It’s going to happen. Might as well be now.