November 3, 2019

Just this


We could do this. And to do it properly, we could do this and this and this and this. And that means involving them and them. Maybe we could hook it those guys over there. That would be huge. Disruptive. Game changing. Everyone would get on board.

Of course, to do it properly, two years. Maybe three. 

Boiling the ocean.

So let’s do this to start. Staying on dry land, right where we’re standing. Just this. And if this works, maybe that too. One little fire at a time. One settlement at a time. Learning as we go. Scaling as we go. Working with neighbours as we go.

It’s possible to leap tall buildings in a single bound. But it’s not a plan. And not for mortals. The smart way … one step, one stairway at a time.

Skippy strategy: Whatever your metaphor … big things happen in lots of small ways.