November 5, 2021

Keep nudging


With only one person involved, change is hard. You’re so wedded to one operating model that shifting to another takes effort and will power, particularly under pressure when it’s oh so much easier to slip back to received practices. Evolving from one way to the new way takes time and practice – and that’s without anything other than inertial working against you.

As soon as you add another human to the equation, or ten, or a hundred, change is exponentially more complex.

Change is hard, it takes time, and is subject to, erm, slippage. Even with perfect change management practices designed to get everyone on board and travelling together, with compelling reasons and a positive spirit, change is hard and slow.

Which means, persevere.

Which means, remind everyone why we’re doing this.

Which means, don’t expect miracles.

Which means, keep nudging everyone back on the bike.

Skippy strategy: Keep on at change.