January 26, 2021

Keep nudging


It can be slow sometimes. All that planning, all those changes, all the actions, the nudges, the speeches, emails, words in the ear, the confirming nods, the sticking with the programme, the keeping the faith, the coaching, the spotlighting.

All that, and so very little to show for it.

A hint maybe, a warm breeze once in a while, the smell of progress, kinda.

Change takes time. Big changes take more time. Systemic changes that impact everything we do and everything we say can take a full cycle or two before they show any positive impact. All you get are hints, and rarely any of those. It feels like going backwards, two whole steps and nothing forward … yet.

The time to quit is when it’s done. The time to double down is every day until it’s done.

Skippy strategy: If you want the changes, keep nudging the flywheel.