September 23, 2019

Keep track


When you write it down, it clarifies. On the way from brain to whiteboard to page, it gets embellished, enhanced, complex, mature, evolved, filtered, organised, simplified. And that’s a good thing. Now, you know what you think.

The real benefit of a roadmap is what happens next.

It helps you communicate.

The more visual the better, because it’s more interesting than a spreadsheet. Like a real map. You can imagine and discuss how to get from here to there and how to overcome the hills and the valleys in between.

It helps you keep score.

Progress is obvious when it’s measured against something solid. Without that, who knows how you’re doing. With that, we all know – and we have a mechanic that helps us understand the swings and slings of the day to day ruckus.

Skippy strategy: Work out the roadmap, put it on the floor, keep track.