May 16, 2016

Keeping an eye


It’s fine. Everything’s working swimmingly. No bugs no shrugs. Easy street.

Until one day … it’s not.

When it happens, react.

Contingencies drop in to place, warranties invoked, third line kicks in, project management, relationship management. Whatever it takes to take care of the problem and nudge the train back on track.

None of that happens though if you’re not paying attention. If your antennae are switched off, what starts as a drip can become a flood before anyone spots the rot. And then there’s a whole other level of management needed … crisis.

And that means a hole blown in your diary and your budget.

And that means achieving less today and less tomorrow and all at a higher cost.

And all for the sake of a little attention and keeping an eye.

Skippy strategy: Make room for sensors. Keep them switched on.