December 3, 2019

Know to do


Sometimes you have to react in real time.

A crisis happens and the only thing to do is do the things that sort things out: down tools on everything else, repurpose resources, make sacrifices, accept that you’re taking a hit on tomorrow so you can deal with things today. It’s frustrating, expensive and, for most of us, down right irritating.

What if we could rewind? What if we could roll back the tick-tock and put measures and metrics and early-warnings and relationships and partnerships that would let us know when things were going off track? Better yet, what if we could do the things we knew to do but didn’t give enough time or attention to when we knew we should?

Better now, before there’s a next time, let’s commit to doing things different … and then actually do things different.

Skippy strategy: Use the lessons you’ve learned to do the things you know to do.