August 14, 2016

Knuckle down


Even with the best will and the most effective delegation mindset in the world, some things actually do belong on your desk.

Head down, working hard, moving through the most pressing important things, it’s possible to get behind on the only slightly less pressing important things. The kind of things no one is jumping up and down for, but that have to get done all the same.

Whether it’s detail work where you’re the one best qualified (like redrafting a contract or reviewing a policy), or it’s interpersonal (like having that meeting), or it’s necessary consideration (like that pile of decision data) … some things you gotta do yourself.

And when they don’t fit the daily cut and thrust?

Close your door, knuckle down, and thrust them into your timeline.

Maybe on the weekend.

Them’s the breaks.

Skippy strategy: Tuck yourself away and get it done.