February 22, 2023

Landed latest


With everything going on, with the joy of dealing with the day to day, with all the logistics and customers and finance issues, with all the product development and people and team dynamics, with all that, it’s easy to snug the bigger questions away and spend all your time on whatever shouts loudest of landed latest in your in tray. This problem and this problem and this problem.

And when you finally have the discipline to arrange quality time away from all that to focus on the bigger picture, the bigger swings, the non-urgent important stuff, you’re still in danger of being waylaid by this problem and this one, and this one too.

Off site is best. Deal with today, sure, but with a guillotine. At the allotted time, precisely, roll out the biggest question and keep it on point.

Skippy strategy: The bigger questions deserve the greatest attention.