May 7, 2019

Last minute lack


The last minute may be the only minute, genuinely, that you have spare to complete the work. It’s possible, honestly, that you’ve been so busy with higher priority issues that all came to a conclusion exactly one fortunate minute before the deadline for this lower but still high enough priority so that it can get a slither of focus. Possible. Unlikely. More likely, you ignored or forgot about it, procrastinated around it, tidied your desk and ordered the stationery, assumed someone else was on it even though you knew inside that they knew that only you could do it.

The result. Last minute focus, last minute efficiencies, last minute short cuts, last minute lack of depth, last minute un-evolved thinking, last minute fast minute researching writing editing copy-and-pasting from the last last minute scramble.

It might be good enough without being good.

Skippy strategy: Try last minute plus time enough.