July 6, 2020



There’s a dilemma: do it once, properly, covering all the bases you can think of with all the thinking you can muster, a comprehensive job, proper, that will stand the test of, well, anything and everything … or do it iteratively, accepting that version one will be nothing more than a stepping stone to another, and another, and any number after that, and that each and every one will disappoint somebody, maybe everybody, but the wet feet and slippage come with free learning.

Nothing and nothing and then everything in a rush, or a little progress today and tomorrow. Which way?

Sometimes, rarely, there’s no choice, the minimum viable product is the entire product – it’s a rocket ship, you only get to light it once. Most times, the choice is simple – learn-along and use it on the way.

Skippy strategy: Whenever you can, stepping stones and learn along the way.