February 16, 2023

Less better


When your team tell you that they’re too busy, that they’re being asked to take on too much and do too many things, take at least a moment to think.

Squeezing out too much leaves signs.

When things aren’t going well, when deadlines are missed habitually, when quality suffers and reworking is regular, when you’re nervous about saying yes, when everything is a little more complicated than expected, when corners have to be cut, when emails stack up and everyone (including you) is waiting for something from everyone else (including you), you have seen the signs.

It happens like this: everything is fine, everything is fine, not everything is fine, most things are not fine, nothing is fine.

Too much is too much, and when anything is too much, everything suffers. Your good people will find somewhere else to do good work. 

Skippy strategy: Don’t do too much badly, do less better.