October 2, 2023

Less chaos


When someone drops the “organised chaos” comment, what they’re really saying is one of two things:

– it’s actual chaos, or

– you’re not very good a describing it clearly (and if you’re not very good a describing it, you’re probably not very good at organising it, and if you’re not very good at organising it … it’s probably actual chaos).

Either way, and even if it was meant as a friendly joke, it’s not a good review and probably isn’t a comfortable place to be. Especially for everyone who’s natural place is anywhere other than the right-brain extreme of the organised-chaos spectrum (everyone?) and who’re are struggling with the lack of structure, decision-making bottlenecks, random processes and the feast and famine of crazy-busy and hanging-around.

So … a little less chaos and a little more structure goes a long way.

Who, does what, by when.

Skippy strategy: It starts with a white-board.