February 3, 2017

Let them get on with it


There’s an awful lot that goes into development. The hours of meetings and arguments and I-thought-you-meant’s, the missteps, the circles, the cul de sacs and leaps ahead, ah-ha!, more meetings.

It all feels important at the time.

It’s not.

For developers, the only work that matters … the real work, the work that makes a difference, the work that all the other work should contribute to, the truly meaningful work … is work that improves the product.

Work that makes version one deliver on its promise or makes version two better than the last.

Protect that work.

Save developers from everything else.

Agree the goals then remove every obstacle, clear every path, maximise space so they can get on with the good stuff. Defend their time, stay out of their way, let them focus.

Free their time and mind to develop.

Skippy strategy: Let them get on with it.