January 27, 2023

Let’s say


Let’s say that we agree a target. Great. We can both walk away from the table now and do what we each think is best and see where it gets us. Or, to make sure we don’t unknowingly just do exactly the same as each other – which might only risk duplicated effort, but probably also risks duplicated blind alleys – let’s, before we leave, agree our individual objectives, let’s call them outcomes. Great. Hmm, how about if we go a step further and agree, between us, the steps we’ll each take in pursuit of our outcome goals, let’s call them actions. That way, we’ll probably have a better plan – because, two minds and all that – and then we can hold ourselves accountable for the actions so we’re both motivated to do what we say and we can improve our planning chops.

Skippy strategy: Plan for action, otherwise, it’s a wish list.