May 6, 2021

Like moving on


One of life’s greatest frustrations is waiting for other people to do the things they’ve agreed to do. Some things just take time, some things are hard, sometimes there’s a delay because someone in the chain is blocked for entirely reasonable reasons. OK. Sometimes it’s a lack of attention, or available time, or prioritisation, or just plain laziness. Either way, you’re left dangling. And dangling ain’t comfortable.

So you have choices.

Follow up, absolutely. Volunteer to help, maybe. Let the frustration get the better of you, no.

When things aren’t rolling and it’s out of your control, the only thing to do it take action. No moaning. No venting. No anger. Just get on with something else, something you can control – like following up, like volunteering, like moving on to the next thing on your list.

Skippy strategy: Don’t waste time or energy on the things you can’t control.