January 11, 2018

Little voice


Anytime you try something new there’s always someone telling you not. It won’t work. You can’t do it. The team aren’t up to it, you’re not up to it. There’s not enough time, or talent, or resources available to make it happen. Nobody wants it anyway. Not today, not tomorrow, and certainly not from you.

That someone … is you.

Your little voice, sitting in a dark corner, saying you’re the engine who can’t.

And maybe it’s right, maybe the barriers are too high and the chasms to broad, maybe you’d be better going somewhere else, maybe you do need protecting from yourself.

And maybe not.

The way to deal with doubt, the way to deal with all negative feedback: listen for substance, mine for reality, deal with what you find.

Skippy strategy: Thank your little voice for its feedback, and make an active choice about what to do next.