October 13, 2016

Lock on


There’s a lot of opportunity. So many things to do, so much land to grab, shiny things everywhere. And we could do this and that and one of those and them.

And the question is … if you only had enough resources for one … which one?

And the next question is … if it’s that one … why not just that one?

And the next question is … for just that one … what’s the plan?

And the obvious next step is … do that.

But at every step, centrifugal forces push you spinning away: to hedge, part fund, get distracted, second guess, chasing every rabbit.

Or, more simply … to lose focus.

And the problem with that – no matter how shiny the other shiny things are – failing to focus is the most common cause of missing the target.

Skippy strategy: Choose your focus. Lock on.