February 1, 2020

Look forward


There’s the plan. Most times, based on what happened last year with a little bit more. The status quo: same products and services but a little bit extra, same suppliers just extra efficient, same demand for new staff fitting into the same departments with teams just a little bit bigger, same markets, same customers over again plus one or two more. That’s the way it was, that’s the it’s going to be.

Based on history, the plan has its own gravity, sucking everything in, devouring initiatives and alternative ideas with its constant demand to use all resources and keep things going. Nothing escapes its event horizon.

Tomorrow will be the same as yesterday – just a little bit more.

What if you started somewhere else? Not with last year, but with where the customers and the technology and the market it heading?

Skippy strategy: To plan, first look forward, then back.