January 19, 2023

Look, listen and act


You can try flying blind. See how far that gets you.

You can try using windows and instruments. Much better.

To make it work, first put the windows and instruments into place and adjust where necessary to get good sight lines. The win here is measuring the things you want to manage, which means the thing you care about (and not just the easy things or the things your accountant cares about).

Next, keep them up to date. That means weaving into the infrastructure so you can’t avoid seeing what you need to see and gathering the data you know you want. Automate. Add warning sirens (like colour coding the spreadsheets and giving everyone the authority to call things out).

Next, look, listen and act on what you find. If you don’t, you’re measuring the wrong things or signalling you don’t care.

Skippy strategy: Keep looking, keep listening, keep acting.