August 28, 2020

Look up


Without looking up, without thinking about it, without paying attention to the slope, sometimes we find ourselves battling through the day to day grind, putting one foot in front of the other but getting nowhere interesting. Just another day of doing what we’ve been doing without making progress. Keeping the wheels on, but not gaining ground. Mistaking busyness for things making sense. Progress stops and the fun runs out.

Sure, sometimes, it’s a slog. And sometimes it’s just about survival. For most of us though, those times are rare.

If we don’t look up, if we don’t remind ourselves and our team that there’s a purpose and a plan, if we don’t take five minutes to mark the milestones or change take when we haven’t passed one for a while, we’re letting ourselves get caught in an Escher.

Skippy strategy: Look up, keep moving towards the horizon.