July 19, 2018

Loosen one notch


We are busy, important, main-lined into every significant conversation. We make decisions, hold positions, have opinions. We have more going on that we can reasonably handle, too many meetings, so much email. We’re in there, somewhere, in every argument, every discussion, every consideration. Everything comes across our desk.

In short, we’re wound too tight in too many loops.

And being in everything, everywhere, at all times isn’t only bad for us (no fun) but it’s bad for everybody else (because we’re less effective and considerably less efficient than we know we can be).

If that’s you, loosen one notch.

First, prioritise – not everything is now, now, now. Second, step out – particularly easy if you accept that whilst you’re clearly amazing, many of your contributions add delay and add no end-game value). Third, push the heavy lifting to where it’s most appropriate.

Skippy strategy: Work on the stuff that only you can do.