November 20, 2017

Love that list


Is there an argument against checklists?

Maybe they feel like spoon feeding, maybe they spin away the spontaneity, maybe they treat everyone just the same and make everyone feel just the same despite someone around here (you?) having nine years experience, dammit! Maybe it’s bureaucratic nonsense designed to strip smarts out of the game.

Is there an argument for checklists? Check.

Maybe they’ll save you from yourself, stop you making a careless mistake, remind you of something you remembered every other time but were about to forget this time if you’d been left to your own devices, get you back on track immediately after yet another distraction. Check.

Maybe they make sure the job gets done and the job gets done right. Check.

And that’s why you wrote the list in the first place. Check.

Pilots, surgeons … and everyone else with smarts … love that list. Check.

Skippy strategy: Love that list.