October 2, 2019

Main stream


There’s always a lot of noise.

Chinese whispers. Overheard conversations relayed with added import. Competitive shifts that may or may not be strategic manoeuvring or tactical wriggling. A “heads-up“ chat that’s nothing more than a maybe/kinda/sorta/one-day/never meander through ill formed and un-thought through notions. Maybe.

In there somewhere is some actual truth. Actionable intelligence. Something concrete that demands attention.

The problem is picking the signal from the noise.

The answer: listen to everything. Triangulate. Put every new morsel on the table, push it about, talk it through, work out which needs a contingency, which needs action now-now and what should be put in abeyance until corroborating evidence come along.

The trick: react to facts.

The other trick: Don’t jump on rumours and whispers and assumed intentions. Respect them, but keep away from the main straeam, at least for now.

Skippy strategy: Work with facts, respect the rumours.