December 27, 2017

Make both better


Inside the organisation, we do a bunch of stuff.

Some of it brilliantly. We’re right up there with our expectations. We impress clients with the what and the how of our organisation. New hires hit bedrock quickly and can start running  straight away.

Some of it not so well. We stumble over ourselves and muddle through. We take too long, make do, new team members look a little lost and some bounce out quickly, and listening to the woodwork … everyone knows we’re letting ourselves down.

Next step – be honest about both. Give yourselves an authentic and totally un-complacent pat on the back for the good stuff, and a committed resolve to sort out the bad.

After that – make both better.

Take your strengths, recommit, and make them stronger every day.

Take your weaknesses, commit to your standards, and bridge to meet them.

Skippy strategy: Make both better, every day.