January 6, 2018

Manage the balls


Assuming for now that you have great products and excellent marketing, and that customers are beating a path to your door … what happens next?

Some customers will sign whilst others walk away. Why’s that?

The next most important trick is to easy to do business with.

As a customer yourself … how many times do you walk away from websites that make it difficult to find the page you’re after, that hide their prices, that want more from you before telling you more about themselves? How irritated are you when you can’t get through to a human who knows their turf or can make decisions?

If it irritates you … it irritates your customers.

Ball-chart some new top indicators:

– speed of talking to the right human.

– clicks taken before finding the page they’re looking for.

Manage the balls.

Skippy strategy: Make your business easy to do business with.