February 23, 2022

Many rabbits

Look out

We all have to pivot some time. We’re busy doing this thing, and then this other thing comes along that we have to jump on. In an ideal world, we’d do this new thing and get back to the first. Except, there’s always another thing. And another. Our job isn’t to do one thing – that time has long gone – it’s to find a way of achieving many things, of spreading our attention without diminishing our focus, of organising our time and our team so we can chase one rabbit at a time (or course) but many rabbits in the time available.

This doesn’t mean nudging everything along, all together, all the time – which makes us slow and frustrating to work with. It does mean prioritising, delegating and being honest about what is possible with the resources in play.

Skippy strategy: One thing at a time, many things in the time available.