February 3, 2020

Maybe next


Whenever you do something new, you sacrifice doing something old. And in a vacuum, that sounds both obvious and desirable, why wouldn’t you explore new challenges and take some new boots out for a stroll. The problem, of course, is that the old stuff is more comfortable, you’re better at it, and it probably pays the bills. Sure, new is risky in its own right, but it’s definitive that the tried and the trusted and the safe will suffer.

New is worse than risky, it’s destructive.

The game, as far as you can play it, is to create space for the new and keep space for the old. Retain the steady job whilst working the numbers at night. Roll with your existing customers and existing products, whilst giving enough time and talent and attention to tomorrow’s (maybe next) big thing.

Skippy strategy: Give time and attention to both sides of the line.