January 14, 2017

Melt the ice


Sometimes things get stuck. Maybe they’re inherently difficult, or maybe someone on the other side of the conversation is difficult in their own right, maybe it’s you – whatever – they’re stuck down in stuckiness and nothing’s moving forward.

And then … things solidify. It’s not my problem, somebody (not me) needs to sort this stuff out and until they do, there’s nothing we can do.

And then … tick, tick, tick … the world keeps turning and here we sit, tick.

Warm things up.

Send an email, make a call.

Make an offer, suggest a next step, take the initiative, throw a bone. This might be useful, how do we move forward, maybe you’ve found a way through.

No recriminations, no guilt trips, no making life uncomfortable.

Just friendly, workaday, helpful, efficient. Did I mention friendly?

Melt the ice and get things flowing.

Skippy strategy: Give it a nudge.