January 29, 2022

Milestones out front


The problem with problems is that you see the problem in the centre of your field of vision, and can’t see a way around it, because that’s all you see. So step back. Take one, two, three giant steps back to get some perspective. Look around the edges, peer towards – or at least accept that there may be – something on the other side of the problem. Talk to your friends about the problem; see if you can explain it in context. Break it down to it’s component parts.

Take another one, two, three giant steps sideways, to a whiteboard. Plan around the problem. How would you deal with it, specifically. What’s the plan, broken down into the very next steps and the milestones out front?

When plan, you clarify, you structure and you communicate your intentions – even if you’re the only one listening. 

Skippy strategy: Now get cracking on execution.