November 10, 2019

More attention


When things go wrong, sure, you sort them out. You tuck Tab A back where it belongs, tie the bow, say your thank yous and get on with whatever comes next.

Things is, what comes next often takes you down the same wrong path. Somehow, we never seem to work out how to make the next project any more coherent than the last. Tab A eventually gets tucked, but it’s just as painful every time.

Until it isn’t.

Until you make sure it isn’t.

Until you start a project with precisely two objectives in mind. 

Objective one, naturally, the actual purpose, Tab A slotted neatly into Slot B. 

Objective two, learn how to do it. Take it a little slower, a little more seriously, expose the process along the way, plan the track and track the plan. 

Skippy strategy: Put yourself on notice – you’re paying more attention. Then follow through.